I’ve rewritten this article at least five times in the last 24 hours, because unfortunately I can’t seem to find a creative lead to begin the story I so desperately wish to share. So for lack of better creative juices, I’ve opted to simply share my truth. - If I haven’t mentioned before, I am actively working on my self-care routine. Sometimes my lack of such shows in my creativity.

However, allow me to preface, I am an extremely spiritual person. I believe in the divinity of life, meaning that there is a higher being that guides us –if we so willingly choose to be led. I also believe that the universe has a way of affectionately and watchfully looking over us (1 peter 5:7).  I don’t believe in happenstance in regards to the lessons we learn. Each day the universe provides nuggets of wisdom and they come in all forms. My most recent and helpful nugget came in the form of an Instagram post from Francheska “heyfranhey” Medina. The post eloquently read:

“Turn the lights down low. Make some tea. Play your fav calming music. Do some light stretching.  Shift all of this tense energy before bed” with the profound caption of “The state of the world is one thing. The state of your world is another. Important to be mindful of both. Or you won’t be of much service to either side. Try to get some rest”.

Talk about signs from the universe. Let me tell you!  I kid you not, each time I recite, “Try to get some rest”, to myself I hear the cathedral bells ringing because my God, in the uproar of a society we live in, rest seems almost impossible to find.

Rest, similar to a form of salvation and kindness being the grace that makes the unbearable seem tolerable. Life is a partnership with the universe, meaning it’s dual. You ought to gift yourself the best effort, amount of love, kindness, mercy and hope that you absolutely can and nestle into the universe for all else that you may lack.

Let’s be honest ladies, we’re all super-human in our form, but life has its way of becoming tiresome and without treating yourself to some kindness it’s easy to feel defeated.  I know from first-hand experience because as I’m sure many can attest 2016 (in general and personally speaking) was H E L L.  I was not implementing self-love nor kindness within my own personal life, and as a result of such, when life became difficult I began to raise the pressure on myself to better perform rather than creating a safe space to heal and discover.

Fran, (as I like to refer to her, because in mind we’re friends. Creepy? Eh, maybe… but I like to keep those that I admire close in reference), would have disapproved, but I completely forsaken any nightly routine of debriefing and began to overtax myself with deadlines, to avoid the many voids that were gaping in my personal life.  2016 was a year of traumatic lost. I had experienced the passing of 4 respected and admirable individuals.  As well as, dealt with an incredibly overwhelming wave of anxiety (which I’m still combating daily), and lastly during this year-- insomnia had begun to force its way into my nights; robbing me of a much needed salvation in rest.

Still recouping from such a year, I’ve learned that success should not be the measuring rod, but rather the balance of your world through a spiritual lense. Even through the traumatic loses, I came out the academic school year with a raging GPA, and yet surprisingly I wasn’t satisfied because emotionally I still wasn’t at peace. “My world” and “The world” had become too intertwined and any moment that I couldn’t provide for “the world” I would take such as a sense of failure, rather than a grand opportunity to hone into the state of my own.

Meditation and stretching are real methods to elevate your sense of self-care, as well as, spending a day of doing… nothing - (In its purest form Dolce far niente :the sweetness of doing nothing) – inviting rest into your week. My father identifies these days as his “Sabbath” in which he spends the day as he so pleases. With no obligations other than edifying his spirit -  (which has different shapes and forms, in terms of what it looks like and ultimately means for you, personally.)

I too, have adopted the habit of gifting myself a Sabbath, as well as, some time spent praying, affirming, vibing, and releasing each morning. My meditation time is crucial and although I do not always meditate in the same form at the same time (because discipline is a struggle that I’m conquering each AM step by step), I’ve discovered the difference in my life. The clarity and sense of gratitude that I’ve gained by showing myself some tenderness and kindness is incomparable.

So, for my ladies who find themselves in a ruts of anxiety, Ebbs and flows of depression and unbearable moments of doubt, ask yourself when’s the last time you showed yourself some love and shifted that negative energy?Because, baby! in this world your vibrations are all you have. So, choose to be vibrant!

Bri'on is a TGM contributor out of Ohio.

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image by: Marlon William