Quench Your Skin

I can’t remember when I made the switch to facial oil (plant based oils not essential oils). I just know it’s one of the best moves I’ve ever made in my skin care regimen. It’s the reason why my glow game is so strong. Which brings us to step 3 of the “Glow Up” guide.

I’m obsessed with oils and its ability to transform the skin.  So this article may sound a bit biased. Applying oil to fresh, clean, damped (good moisturizing must have both water and oil) skin is an act of true self-care because you can actually feel the nutrients penetrate the skin, like butter melting into a hot piece of bread. Results are immediate as the skin becomes suppler, dewy, and of course moisturized.

Before I get into the benefits of facial oil, here’s my reason for not being a fan of moisturizing creams and lotions:

Often times moisturizers contain a bunch of rubbish, like preservatives, alcohol, parabens, toxic fragrances, petrochemical-based emollients (i.e. wax, which clogs pores), and thickening agents. Despite all these unnecessary ingredients and fancy packaging, many of them don’t work that well. If a product exceeds more than 10 ingredients especially with words I cannot pronounce, research is required. Which most likely means I’m not going to purchase because I do not have the time. So I keep it simple with cold-pressed, certified organic oils for face and body.


The Benefits of Oils:

  • Oils lock in moisture and help protect the skin against environmental effects.

  • Oils deliver a potent dose of nutrients.

  • Because your face is well moisturized, it stops the overproduction of its own oil.

  • Oils can be all-natural, need no preservatives, and have a shelf life of about two years.

  • Most natural oils are easily absorbed & won’t clog pores.

  • Oils are typically ultra-healing, and great for repairing and replenishing the skin.

For those who have combination/oily/acne skin, you’re probably thinking this might be counterproductive for you. But no so young grasshoppers! Oil tricks your skin into thinking it already has enough oil, shutting off sebum (oil) production, avoiding that shiny greasy look you’re probably used to.

In dry and sensitive skin types, oil locks in moisture by forming a protective barrier. It also aids in irritation, and reduces redness. All these traits make facial oils great for any skin type as they balance, detoxify, and mattify (key words).

Tip:  When looking for a facial oil, look for labels that say cold-pressed and/or certified organic. Avoid oils processed with heat for the quality of the oil has been diminished.

Recommended Oils:

  • Argan oil (great for dry, aging, oily, normal, or acne-prone skin)

  • Jojoba oil (great for dry, aging, oily, normal, or acne-prone skin)

  • Apricot kernel oil (great for any skin type, but especially good for normal, dry, and aging skin)

  • Grapeseed oil (great for normal, oily, or acne-prone skin)

  • Avocado oil (great for dry and aging skin)

  • Hemp seed oil (great for any skin type, also very light)

  • Tamanu oil (amazing for acneic and oily skin types, or skin with scars)

  • Rosehip seed oil (extremely regenerating, this oil is known for it’s firming and anti-aging abilities – it’s good for dry, aging, and normal skin)

  • Carrot seed oil(good for any skin type)

  • Borage oil (high in oleic acids, this oil is great for most skin types, but especially oily and acneic skin)

I LOOOOOOVE me some oils, LOVE! It intensifies the magic of our melanin. It can take you from a 6 to a solid 9 with one drop. If oil is not apart of your daily regimen, take heed and find an oil that works best for you. I know you wont regret it! Stay moisturized ladies.

Until next time,

-the glow whisperer

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