In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month kicking off on September 15th (tomorrow!) we wanted to create a playlist that shared a little bit of past and present! How many of us grew up listening to Juan Gabriel or La India while our mom cooked (or made us clean the crib)? We did! How many of us are falling in love all over again with reggeaton now that we have artists like Ozuna and Bad Bunny? We are! The beautiful thing about Latinx culture is that it comes in all flavors — and that's something no one can take from us. We're very proud to have members of the TGM team be Latinx and that a big portion of our readership is part of this group. We're also proud to know that our readers who do not identify as Latinx are still here for the love & support and can also get down to any bachata at any house party. With that said, enjoy MOB!