Tis’ the season for all the planets in the sky to calm down and give us a mother fuggin break. While 2017 was one hell of a year for all of us, there’s a bit of a lull right now that gives me hope for a good holiday season. It’s not to say some shit won’t be stirred on the politics side of things. Or that we won’t still be sending notorious Thanksgiving clapback tweets. But all in all, this is the perfect time for you to throw your hands up, have a good time, and be thankful for how far you’ve come. Check it out!




I like this month for you, because it will bring a lot of opportunities for you to toughen up a bit. To push beyond the emotions that get stirred up inside of you far too easily. For a while now, you’ve been feeling very clear about how something should be in your life — but often when your energy is like this, you tend to make a mountain out of a molehill. This month, learn how to separate your emotions from what is happening around you. Practice being buoyant, no matter the circumstance. Mastering this is what will kickstart the changes you’ve been waiting to make for yourself.



So the doctor called and left me your prescription this morning: she says you need to chill the eff out and start having some fun this month! Take all the laughter, beer pints and hugs you can get, because the universe says it’s time for your soul to have good times only. Work isn’t really top of mind this month — especially when Venus is attracting so many social opportunities for you right now. Take her up on the party bus invite. Hop in the driver’s seat and put extra glitter on — especially if you’re single (because cuffing season is definitely coming your way).



Well someone bossed up and changed her life — and now it’s time to enjoy the spoils. Where the beginning of 2017 might have taken you through some really hard challenges, this month you will feel the year’s lesson all click together. Like a phoenix out of the fire, you’re ready to spread your wings and selfie just how pretty you look. Do it. Collect them likes. While it’s time for you to show the world just how brilliant you are, it’s also the perfect moment to see how many people already knew this about you. Bring on the double taps, Queen. You deserve to celebrate.



This month you’ve got the Midas touch and you know exactly what to do with it. Everything you touch will practically turn into a golden opportunity right now, so get yourself out of your shell and into the alignment of your inner most desires. Manifesting your next big adventure is as simple as you believing it can happen right now. Take a chance and apply some faith in the universe. Go for the impossible right now.



Have you ever seen a baby turtle hatch from its shell and make it’s way to the ocean? It’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see — until you watch the giant waves wash over their teeny little bodies. Then a panic sets in and you realize most of the baby turtles will drown before they make it into the ocean. And even if they make it, the odds of them skirting predators is even less in their favor. This month, the cosmos want you remind you that you were once a little turtle. And you swam strong into the waves, past all the predators and made it back to the beach again. That you became both big and strong. Take this month realize where you’ve been, and know you’re an O.G. (turtle).



Your head might be a little bit in the clouds this month, which would be fine if there wasn’t so much damn work on your plate. I can’t lie — you’re driving a one-wheeled chariot right now, with two horses going in completely opposite directions. Which horse is leading you in the right direction: the office addict or the lovesick pony? That’s what you’ll have to work out this month, as Venus has your heart doing backflips over someone special. Might you try to be direct as possible with the love stuff, so you get quick answers that don’t distract your work interests right now.



All the ideas are coming directly to you this month. And rather than second guess the validity of any of them, try taking a swig of courage and trying all of them. Now is the time to bring your wildest ideas to life — whether it’s writing a book, starting a new project, changing your home around or even taking a long train ride home for the holiday season,  just to see the fall foliage through the Amtrak window. Let yourself feel charmed and romanced by your whims right now. Your 2018 will start off with the interest you pursue right now in the forefront. Flush new ideas and interests out while it’s this easy to bring them all to life.



Ya know, Pink Lady… you don’t have to be Rizzo all the time. This month it’s going to be hard for you to deny your inner Sandy — and honestly, you really shouldn’t try to either. Sometimes we just want to be touched and held, loved and cared for. And if you meet someone that fits that criteria; a friend or a romantic interests that wants to pull closer to you, just let it happen. Stop being so hard headed about the feelings deep inside your heart. You’re only fooling yourself when you try to pursue this image you have of what it means to be strong. Being vulnerable is a value tool to master.



Your horoscope this month is the red bottom, bloody shoes of this entire horoscope report. With your birthday month making it’s way to center stage, your intuition is fully on point. Your social game and work life is on point and rising. And all eyes are skip the late game Scorpios (sorry bout it) and turning their attention towards you. Trust your gut this month, and you’ll not only snag all the right opportunities… you’ll shape your 2018 in a way that even you couldn’t imagine just one year ago. Go get ‘em.



Perhaps before this month truly begins you should take a quick trip to Bloomingdale's. Go upstairs to Swimwear and pick out the perfect one piece that won’t move while you swim in the waves of money coming your way this month. Hope your back stroke game is poppin boo, because all the hard work you’ve been putting in pays off big time this month. But be smart about it — throw the cash in savings and keep on working. Until Oprah is walking over to your porch to bring sugar over, the hustle ain’t done. This month, more than anything, is just a sign that you’ve been on the right track all along.



You kinda have an annoying, lovesick Tay Swift vibe in your charts this month. But to be honest, I like seeing your heart start to get warmed up. After a year of hard grinding, it’s good to see you remember how much you love connecting to others, and moving to prioritize that. Someone is very likely to catch your eye (and heart) this month, while opportunities you’ve been chasing should take notice of your hard work ethic now. There’s a lot for you to be grateful for this month… try to take some time to enjoy the journey you’ve made this year.



I like seeing you look like a FloRida fan — not that there’s anything wrong with that. But you really don’t embrace your full silly side often enough. But maybe it’s the holidays… or just Pluto hanging with the right planets this month. Whatever it is — you’ll find yourself out of the backseat and on top of the dashboard like a hula dancer who’s got a Good Feeling in her hips. Embrace this fun vibe. When the planets arrange like this, they not only want you to take a much needed break… it’s also time for you to feel just how strong and capable you truly are.



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post image: Camille Chew