Now that you have cleansed your space with sage and sprinkled some good juju for the New Year, you are probably itching to change up a few items in your home. There’s something about the beginning of a new year that makes you want to hit reset on every aspect of your life. One thing that I love to do at the beginning of the year is update my space. Whether it is my entire apartment, or by focusing on one area at a time, I try to have my living space be the ultimate safe haven (and I want to help you have yours be one too!).

I have lived in several types of spaces, and as I moved from apartment to apartment I have taken a few key items with me. My belief is you treat your living space as you would your wardrobe. First, find the staple items you need and then add as you deem necessary. The staple items for any home should include a bed you love, a cozy yet chic couch, and a place to gather (dining table + chairs/barstools etc). Unfortunately, things for the home can get pricey pretty quickly, and it is sometimes hard to fight the urge of wanting to buy everything at once instead of accumulating pieces over time. Trust me, I get it.

The way to avoid instantly blowing your budget is to layer in a few pieces that are a reflection of your personality, this will immediately make your home feel more lived in. So how do you refresh your home without killing your savings? Here are a few tips for starting the New Year with an updated home all while staying in budget.

Zone 1: The Bed

If you’re like me you use your bed for EVERYTHING. A home office, a secondary TV lounge space, a place of refuge... Because of this, I love getting new bedding, huge decorative pillows that double as back support, and a cozy blanket for an update. If you invest in a good comforter and pillow inserts in the beginning, all you have to do is buy new covers to make your bed feel brand new.

Zone 2: The Chic Couch

Get yourself some fun pillows, a good throw, and some above the couch artwork. Many people find buying artwork daunting- one thing I love to do is purchase prints online, and then hit the flea markets for old frames. Sometimes the frames do not have glass, but a local frame shop will assemble your piece for you and make it look like high-end art. Another tip for finding inexpensive frames is to scour your neighborhood for any large renovation projects, most of the time people throw out such good stuff that with a little clean up and spray paint you can make your old poster look like a custom piece. The throw and pillows on the couch add a layer of comfort, while providing a place to show off your personal style. If you are dying to add one more layer in this zone then consider adding an area rug that really ties everything together.

Zone 3: A Place for Gathering

Finding the perfect dining table is always tricky, especially for smaller spaces. I love having people over to kiki over good food and wine. The best part about dining table décor is it’s the easiest to find as you can use a mix of vases, interesting empty liquor bottles, and baskets to make your table look just as beautiful as what you see on your favs’ pinterest board.

Like I said, a small budget does not mean you can't have your home looking like the pages of Elle Decor. You just need a vision and some patience as you buy the pieces to the puzzle. If you loved my mood boards here's the link to where you can purchase every item above (click here). You can follow me on IG @studiochardae for more inspo!

Stay Zen!