Hola MOB! I previously mentioned that we had gotten some new members on the team, and I was excited for what this meant for the brand in 2019. Well, I’m ecstatic for you to meet them below and see who will be planning your events and leading the charge on relaunching our podcast. Onwards!

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Name: Jess Rosario

Where you grew up:  Hamilton Heights, NY

Role with TGM - Merch Lead

Fav book: Frankenstein, The Coldest Winter Ever

Last show you binged: Ozarks!

Celeb bff: Aaliyah

One 2019 goal: Utilizing my subconscious more effectively

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Name: Lariza Quintero 

Where you grew up: Jackson Heights, NY 

Role with TG: Merch Co-Lead 

Fav book: Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Márquez (currently reading Becoming) 

Last show you binged: Good Girls 

Celeb bff: Chrissy Teigen

One 2019 goal: Get smarter with my money & learn to invest

Instagram:  esco_____)

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Name: Dugleidys Lopez
Where you grew up: Between Caracas and the Bronx. Settled in Camden, NJ

 Role with TGM: Social Media Associate/Designer

 Fav book: “How to Be Alive: A Guide to the Kind of Happiness That Helps the World” by Colin Beaver

Last show you binged: I finally finished the 3rd season of BTS’s Bon Voyage and wow, Malta anyone?  I’ve also been obsessed and terrified by the 2nd season of The Handmaid's Tale

Celeb bff: If you don’t know Ellie ( then you haven’t been following the right people on the gram. She’s an actress and currently working the dream job (interviewing your favs) as the digital host at iHeartRadio, but more than that she’s my vegan pet foster momspiration. 

One 2019 goal: In 2019 I want to send both my mom and grandma on a trip. Let’s rephrase that, in 2019 my mom and grandma are going to live their best tourist life somewhere in Europe with one too many glasses of wine in their system. Cheers! 

Instagram: dugy_

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Name: Robin 

Where you grew up: Brooklyn, NY

Role with TGM: Social Media Associate, Twitter 

Fav book: Night by Elie Wiesel 

Last show you binged: Game of Thrones (currently on season 4)

Celeb bff: Rih Rih. Same name and personality 

One 2019 goal: Write something for TGM!

Instagram: _MissRobin

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Name: Marwa Eltahir

Where you grew up: Alexandria, VA

Role with TGM: Events Co-Lead

Fav book: Americanah by Chimamanda N. Adichie 

Last show you binged: You on Netflix

Celeb bff: Gabrielle Union

One 2019 goal: Equally engage my organizational & creative sides to excel in work and personal goals!

instagram: marwamoves

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Name: Britt Pham

Where you grew up: Salt Lake City, UT

Role with TGM: Events Lead

Fav book: Currently Becoming by Michelle Obama, always Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Last show you binged: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (lol)

Celeb bff: Jonathan Van Ness (or all of the Fab 5)

One 2019 goal - Consume and learn about more new content (books, TV, movies, podcasts)

instagram: britt_pham 

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Name: Taylor Davis

Where you grew up: DMV

Role with TGM: Podcast Co-Host

Fav book: Americanah by Chimamanda N. Adichie

Last show you binged: Friends From College

Celeb bff:  Blue Ivy Carter or Letitia Wright

One 2019 goal: Drink more water & mind my business & to always ask for what I want w/out fear

instagram: TaylorAlexxandra

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Name :  Mary Vin Rose 

Where you grew up : Bronx, NY

Role with TGM : Podcast Co-Host 

Fav book : Untethered soul , Rising strong & The color of water

Last show you binged : Insecure 

Celeb bff : Auntie Tracie Ross & Cardi 

One 2019 goal : Get an agent, publicist & manager

instagram : maryvinrose

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Name: Virginia (Vee) Sarita

Where I grew up: Bronx, NY

Fave Book: The Alchemist 

Role In TGM: TGM Coordinator

Last Show you binged: “Gossip Girl”

One goal for 2019: This year I would like to bring all of my dreams to live. Stop talking and just do.

Celeb BFF: Dascha Polanco

Instagram: VeeForVirginia

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Name: Gabi Thorne

Where you grew up: Bronx, NY 

Role with TGM: Associate Editor

Fav book: Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles series or one of the Throne of Glass books

Last show you binged: Black Clover (s/o to my anime fans)

Celeb bff: umm Rihanna duh!

One goal for 2019: Creating engaging and memorable content with the writers and the rest of the team

instagram: lareinanegraa

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Name: Yari Blanco

Where you grew up: Queens, NY

Role with TGM: Founder, Editor In Chief

Fav book: The Alchemist, The Color of Water, Autobiography of Assata Shakur

Last show you binged: Sex Education & Good Girls

Celeb bff: JLo and Tracee Ellis Ross

One goal for 2019: Taking TGM to the next level and doing more speaking engagements!

instagram: theyariblanco