We know that March is Women’s History Month and that we are officially in April, BUT we couldn’t let the opportunity pass by to share this dope conversation with you MOB! How many of you remember buying your first sneakers? How many of you have felt like you had to wear heels at the office or for a date? In this video women of all backgrounds share their feelings about sneaker culture and how women are at the center of it… because we are always at the center of everything that’s hot. Amirite?

Women featured in this video:

Yaya Mazurkevich-Nuñez @ogyayaa 

Symphani Soto @symphanisoto 

Dimplez @dimplez (HOST) 

Marwa Atik @marwaatik 

Tamara Dhia @tamaradhia

Kate Loesch @_killakate_ 

Denise Jones @youknowdenise 

Laci Jordan @solacilike

Rachel Gomez @iam.rachelg

Produced + Co-Directed by WORD Creative

DP + Editing: Jazmin Ontiveros

In partnership with Footaction for Women’s History Month