This Sunday we all tuned in (or followed along on Twitter) to the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. We had Alicia Keys hosting, Camila Cabello as the first Latinx to open up the show, Diana Ross telling people to ‘not be lazy’ while waving their arms as she sang, and Cardi bringing it home for The Bronx. Between all of these moments, I couldn’t help but think about the good, the bad, and the ugly outfits we have seen on the red carpet over the last 10 years. And while I know that people, women in particularly, are more than who/what they wear — we all not-so-secretly-want the iconic moments to talk about and to one day pay tribute to on Halloween. So, join me while I go down the deep rabbit hole that mixes music & fashion.


This was something.


Lady Gaga has really come a long way, hasn’t she? Also, Keri had so much left to give us. Lastly, proof that JLo has always had that leg ready for the shot.


Aubrey … a stylist and growing that beard really changed the course of his life! We really enjoyed Rih’s red hair phase. Also, a turning point for JHud who was looking muy cute (and snatched!).


This might be one of our favorite years. We like all outfits, nothing feels outdated. Lots of black or red. First time we really see Adele wearing a pop of color, JLo’s bun made it’s debut (we don’t know) and Kelly Rowland was a snack!


Our 2019 Gaga was a version of 2015 Gaga. Nicki finally gave us the sophisticated sexy vibes we deserved and KimYe (maybe) began their red carpet domination (can’t confirm nor deny).


Lots of wins here, a few misses, but overall we really appreciate the variety.


Surprisingly enough, 2019 brought us looks that feel both like they were taken out of a page of 2009 and 2015. We certainly appreciate Miguel’s purple pants, Tracee’s green suit, and Jenelle/Cardi’s art. We wonder about the styling process, how decisions are made and if artist are ever in the car about to step out thinking: I should have worn the other thing. Which year was your favorite MOB?

(All images were via Getty Images / Pinterest)