Happy Birthday Flotus

You know why I love me some Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama? Because she is the definition of PIZZAZ (n. a combination of vitality and glamour) - smile if you hear me! 

Before her I didn't pay attention to the First Lady (sorry Hillz), I don't know any of their names (except for the aforementioned + Jackie O) and frankly I didn't care to. Fucked up? Maybe. But that's the truth and I'm not here to lie about things. 

Michelle is the First Lady to have created a lane of her own as FLOTUS, she wasn't just a trophy wife or accessory to be toted around. She stood for something and it was beautiful to see Barack give her- her space and praise her while doing it. That man loves her ya'll, like swim across the ocean for one more kiss type of love. Or that's what I think anyway. 

FLOTUS has been part of the force behind the eruption that is the #BlackGirlMagic magic that we see across our social platforms and daily lives. She's given us WOC and little brown baby girls all sorts of inspiration and joy. I know I'm not alone when I say I beam with pride anytime FLOTUS has opened her mouth to say something in public. I've never had to feel concern for what she might do on TV - instead I look forward to her speeches and her late night tv appearances. It feels good to have someone like her represent us. And I am sure she's aware that she has had to represent us every day for the past eight years on a global platform. If only the women who get up on reality tv and throw drinks across a table had one-tenth of the mindfulness that she has had about how we represent each other. That's not shade, we're allowed to be ratchet - but not when millions of people are watching. Fact: Black women watch the most television out of any demographic. 

Michelle is all that and so much more. She is the boss I wish I had, keeping me on my toes but always encouraging me to do better for myself and team. She is the professor I wanted as an undergrad, leaving me with wisdom and motivation at the end of every class. She's the fitness instructor I wish I had to remind me to keep drinking water and go for a two mile run in the am followed by some pushups. She's a leader, a fighter and a girls girl. Smile if you're with me!

So for all those reasons and the many more I'm sure I'll feel as the next four years come to fruition where I once again will forget who the First Lady is (because this new one is definitely forgettable) I want to wish my FLOTUS, the dopest, baddest, coolest to ever walk through that White House and give it color, a Happy 53rd Birthday!

May you continue to rise to the occasion and give us the motivation we might need when the fight gets tough. May your daughters continue to make you happy with their accomplishments and decisions as young women. May Barack keep loving you the way you deserve to be loved. May we as WOC give you a reason to feel proud the way you've made us beam with delight knowing that we had you as our Queen.

It's been an honor... and should you feel the desire to run for say President in 2020 or 2024, please know that my vote is yours without an inch of hesitation. Thank you.

Peace & Light

Yari B.