Hello everyone :) I hope you all had safe and happy holidays. To start this playlist off right, I chose Dave East's ode to 2016/17 “What A Year”. I really can't get over his bars, and doesn't it help when all those fly ass serenades sound like their made just for us ladies? Lol for that finesse alone he'll always get an A+ in my book (hey Dave, we love you over here).

In addition to Papi East I have a common player back on the track list, Brent Faiyaz on Goldlinks song “Crew” along with Shy Glizzy. The combination sounds uncanny but the song is like a dream, I promise you'll love every minute of it. And when you realize how much you love me send me a message @monie_pesos.

Rose Gold and James Fauntleroy came with it on the Runnin cut. OMG. I've been bumping that nonstop. My girl KOI, a Broward, Florida artist was featured on our first podcast (which if you haven't heard yet you're missing out!). Her song Jaffa Remix is to die for. Overall I hope that you all enjoy this edition, thank you for lending me your ears and here's to killing your goals this January... until next time.

xo peace and hair grease. 

- Monie Pesoss