It's 11:23 am on May 2nd and I feel like I have been ran over a few times... but the bus running me over is called goals, dreams, aspirations and very very very hard work. However, that's not what I came to talk to you about MOB-gyals. 

First I'm going to acknowledge what I've already acknowledge on this months podcast and that is that I loveeee the month of May-- because it's my birthday month. In fact as I write this editors note I still have a few things to pack for my trip to Paris (this ain't bragging, I deserve this trip!) for my 31st birthday. Goodness, THIRTY ONE. TREINTA UNO. I'm like, 'you're 31 for real tho?' Have you ever had a moment where you realize that people you admire whom don't look old by any means but feel older than you are your age or younger? (Hi Solange). Last year I went IN and wrote about all the things my 20s taught me, it was good stuff. This year, the only reason I'm even going to Paris is because I saw flights randomly a few months ago and bought the ticket on a whim, otherwise I'd be grabbing a glass of wine at my local spot in Bedstuy (do or die).

Pause right here.

I love May. LOVE. I love my birthday. Every year for the past 15 I've made it a big celebration. Ask any of my friends. I'd start looking for an outfit in March. This year though, my focus has shifted. From me... to YOU. That's right, you all have my attention. And so the best birthday gift I could get is to make sure our readers, OUR MOB, is loving how we're representing them out in the digital streets. Now, I know we wont make everyone happy- (hi Beyonce)- but we hope that for those of you who are reading, who are tweeting, who are attending our events, who are listening... that we're making you proud to be a WOC.

Now, for the 2nd reason I'm writing this editors note. 

This month is all about SEX and BODY POSITIVITY. 

Second pause right here.

Going on a crusade in the quest to love your outer shell, the one that protects our spirit is sometimes a hard voyage. I know this to be true. I have some growing pains I'm not yet ready to share with the world, but just know that even the prettiest girls (and no I'm not saying I'm one, but damn it I'm beautiful to me) have their struggles. If there's anything I've learned about the body positivity movement is that we need to be more compassionate with each other. You never know what that girl you're judging on instagram because she's wearing a revealing outfit is thinking/feeling/going through. No matter the size, shape or form, this month try to practice a new level of mindfulness before you give your digital sister the stank eye. Also, stop picking on yourself!!! There's only ONE OF YOU. Start telling her why she's bomb af!

On the topic of sex. I am no expert. In fact I'd say I'm a late bloomer. Porn makes me squeamish and I JUST said ok to a vibrator. TMI? Oh well. My truth on this subject: Go at your own pace. Whether it's actually having sex with someone or choosing to get your promiscuous girl on, GO AT YOUR OWN PACE. You have nothing to prove to anyone on this subject - don't let social media persuade you into thinking otherwise. Do you know how many times I was told I was a prude? Bwahaha - I have guys who would beg to differ. Sex is not just about your partner, but about YOU. How do you feel about sex? Allow yourself to explore that shit. AT YOUR OWN PACE. Society has led us to believe there are rules and regulations on this, THERE AREN'T ANY... (this is me trying to break the matrix). Also, don't forget to get tested. It's only scary when you avoid it. You're smart, and I expect you to take care of yourself.

Okay! That's all I have left in my tank MOB. 

Be you, stay true.

Peace & Light


ps- TGM DAY is on June 11 (sunday) and we're working our culitos off to make it ah-ma-zing. hope to see you, your neighbor, your tia and your bff there!