Ya'll! WE ARE IN JUNE. Can you just, like what?! &)*29$3588!#%_+$! That's half way done with the year. THE YEAR. As in 2017. Wowzers. I'm usually not this dramatic, peroooooo...

So okay, it's June... got it. We have done so much these past few months and have come a long way... it almost feels like I'm making it up. From awesome and enlightening features, to honest and funny content from our writers, it's been a sweet journey so far. I'm excited for what lies ahead for us as the month and the year goes on. Especially because if you haven't seen it all over social media by now - our first TGM DAY (theGIRLMOB DAY) is Sunday June 11th! And putting this together has been a serious rollercoaster for me and the team.

You would go crossed-eyed looking at my spread sheet. Creating a small event is hard, but creating a big event with multiple moving parts - that's kind of like painting your nails on a moving car going 100 mph as you rush to get to your meeting that you're 30 minutes late to. But thankfully we have came out on the other side stronger, smarter and happy. The last part is executing with ya'll in the room! So we're beyond grateful for your support and encouragement. I know for me, it's what keeps me going on days when I just want to hide under my sheets.

June will be a smorgasburg of celebrations for us on the site. It's Black Music Month, Pride Month, Father's Day ... the list goes on. So you'll see us focusing on that. We also have a few giveaways for July that you won't want to miss, let's just say we're going to make sure you're covered Coast to Coast 

I leave you with this (and this is me being both real and dramatic but with reason)- being able to celebrate all these things are only possible if we have a space to celebrate them in... (stay with me) and that can mean on our website, on our social, at an event... around the country... around the world (almost there)... and so to that I say, cherish the spaces you're in that allow you to celebrate the things you care most about. For me that space is called home, it's called PLANET EARTH. We are living through some wild wild wild times where our head of state is at war with our planet. Does that even make sense? The answer is no it doesn't. No planet = no more life = no more celebrations. We don't have another Earth to drive to MOB. This is it. So in whatever way that you may, add your two cents to help fight global warming. I know that sounds grand and exhausting, but even if it's just educating yourself on what's happening and telling your elders - that's a big help. Let's not end up like a hollywood catastrophe film

Okay now! Grab your SPF and keep your skin right!

peace & light

yari b