Hello August. Hello Leo Season. Hello feeling like the sun. Hello last month of summer 2017 although we all know that it's probably going to be hot through October (climate change it's real). August reminds me of warm weather and bright colors, like the streets of Cartagena Colombia or Miami Florida. Where every wall provides a backdrop to your next photoshoot. 

There's something ridiculously magical about traveling, even if it's locally. Something magical about wandering around a new place, discovering a new language, conquering a map or a new restaurant where you barely understand the menu - it's refreshing. I love being around new people, their customs and styles. I love learning historic facts about a country and it's inhabitants, whether through reading, discussions, eavesdropping (hey! you've done it too) or simply giving myself the opportunity to experience that place through travel. The truth is, if school in the US wasn't so fucking expensive - I'd go get my masters in Anthropology. But I digress, this month is not about the disservice Betsy DeVos is doing for all of us, it's not at all.

This month we're excited to dive deep into a new theme, a theme we see A LOT of on our social feeds. A theme we are a daily part of and have a direct impact on... CULTURE. 






You get the point right? That word seems to pop up everywhere. And we at theGIRLMOB aren't mad about it. With the current political climate we're in, which inevitably affects everything around us, it's imperative that we protect 'culture' in our communities. To me, celebrating culture and it's different flavors is another form of resistance, another form of reminding those who think they have all the power - that this world wouldn't have one inch of swag, vibrancy and taste if it weren't for marginalized communities. If it weren't for us there'd be no culture. WE are the culture. 

We look forward to sharing some of our thoughts on this topic, with the hope of enlightening you or sparking in you a new flame that is as bright as those Little Havana streets. So I encourage you to keep pushing it and keep protecting it. We know we will.

Peace & Light,

Yari B.