A purpose to clean.

As much as I’d love to start this piece off by writing about how much I love cleaning, I really disdain lying and I honor you all too much to play these games. So allow me to start out by confessing this truth: I’m not always the cleanest woman. As a matter of fact my sense of cleanliness has matured along with my age. Growing into my womanhood, I’ve come to appreciate my living space too much to just function in filth… I’ve also come to appreciate my life too much to just function rather than prosper (but that’s coming up later….).So yes, I haven’t always been the cleanest… but I’m growing! Now, this isn’t to say that life doesn’t happen and that my home is clean  24/7 because believe me it is not. However, when it isn’t, I’m more than thrilled to carve out some time to intentionally clean.

I write intentionally because as of late, cleaning has served as a form of therapy for me. The deliberate decision to tidy some of those more filthy rooms, or simply re-organizing a cluttered desk has given me such a sense of freedom. With experiencing such a sense naturally, it’s only right that I ask, “Could the same sensation -if not stronger- be experienced by our internal”?

If you’ve followed any of my writing thus far then you know that emotional health is a core value of mine, as well as, honoring my spiritual being. Being that we’re all spiritual entities, when it comes to “spring cleaning” our internal being, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST!

Lets face it, by April it’s easy to feel weary of the winter and as a result, we become desperate for spring and all that accompanies warmer months. Literally our emotions depend on the change of weather (which is why seasonal depression also known as SAD is such a widespread issue) and as a result we intuitively anticipate these changes.

In my life, I’ve been proclaiming “spring” to be my season of blessing!  With graduating in the beginning of May and turning 22 in the beginning of June, it is safe to say that a few major accomplishments are being made all before summer. As a result to such anticipation, I’ve begun attempting to clean out the inner core of my heart, perhaps tending to some dirty laundry of my own rather than being entertained by the chaos of others (such as what’s portrayed through the media via, reality television and etc.). Also, I’ve decided to spend more time addressing and mending some broken fences in my emotional life.

Being intentional with my thoughts, prayers, and time. When relaxing, instead of scrolling through instagram for hours and allowing myself to become frustrated by the progression of others (because let's be honest envy has no respect of person) I’ve decided to utilize that time for journaling, reading, or even to sit in solitude and recollect. As painful and uncomfortable as it has been to address certain things with myself, I’ve begun to really deal with not only myself, but those around with true honesty!

A mantra I’ve adopted into my life during this time of cleaning has been a tweet from Francheska Hey Fran Hey . Now Mob, y’all know I love me some Fran so when I saw this tweet I absolutely had to screenshot it and save it as my wallpaper. The tweet reads:

“Stepping away from a life of:

Fear, Lack, Distrust, Anxiety, Worry

Stepping into a life of:

Ease, Abundance, Creativity, Peace, Laughter, Love”

Imagine reading this every time you click the lock screen of your phone? The sense of empowerment that I receive from reading this multiple times a day is incredible. This tweet serves as a constant reminder that by relinquishing the grip of those aspects I wish to forsake and by embracing what I wish to fulfill, I am ultimately changing the course of my life with each second spent renewing my mind. Along with this as my mantra, I’ve also began faithfully listening to some positive podcasts, as well as, watching vlogs.

A few of my favorite are hey girl (podcast), from Alex Elle and vlogs on youtube from Charisse Christine and Felicia LaTour, and of course any content produced by Tracy G. With the intent to sustain my motivation, I like to keep these outlets around (especially for those specific days that seem a bit out of reach), because as we can all recall from our Saturday mornings spent doing chores, cleaning at times can be strenuous work, yet it’s so necessary.

So Mob, as you blossom through this spring season, I hope that you’ll  treat yourself to some new habits! I pray that you’ll be kind to and with your heart, handling it with great care. That you’ll take the time to sit before the universe and have some real conversations -audibly discussing your fears, plans, and wishes. Most importantly that you’ll take your time when healing, and always remember the importance of embracing each step of the process.

Bri'on is a TGM contributor out of Ohio.

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