Playlist: Bundle Up Vol.1

Summer has officially slipped out our hands. *insert crying emoji here* - Sound off for cuffing season. I hope y'all have your rosters together. As the weather changes, and we're greeted with shorter days and longer nights there will be more time to link up indoors. I made this playlist specifically with the idea of cuddling and hot chocolate (or whiskey) in mind. Sweatpants, durags, doobie wraps and Nike slides lol the wholeeee nine. 

One of my favorites from this playlist is “Come Through and Chill” produced by Salaam Remi. I had no clue this even dropped, why is this track not getting any radio play?? Come on now Quiet Storm. Shout out to him & Miguel for coming out with that heat. Remi's production along with Miguel's soothing ass vocals almost put me in a trance. The whole time dude is talking about spending time, being lowkey & hella affectionate in the crib. I don't know about y'all but that's definitely wintertime #goals for ya girl. 

Btw, I hope y'all remember when I mentioned that Brent Faiyaz was dropping his EP A.M. Paradox. Well guess what ? It's here and 5 cuts deep of auditory bliss. “No One Knows” is one the smoothest ethers I've ever heard, and yet I've seemed to play this song continuously since it's release. 

Noname, just dropped one of the most prolific tapes that I've heard in a minute. Coming out of Chicago, a place where the narrative of POC rings so heavy, her tape served as a cathartic sense of healing for many.  “Reality Check” featuring Eryn Allen Kane and Akenya lays out a foundation for confidence, and hope even in the wee hours of the morning.

Listening to this song shortly after I heard of yet another black man shot and killed for being, in his melanated skin was like feeling an embrace, a voice saying that I know this world is wild but that you, that we carry the light. I really suggest that you listen to her project. It's laced with all the feels. Sidebar: Noname will be headlining the Pigeons and Planes show next month, Wednesday October 12th at Baby's All Right so come out and show love. 

All in all, Bundle Up Vol. 1 was meant to ease you all out of the Summer Vibes and into a mellow frame of mind. Kick back and relax to this on a late night with a warm plate of food and candle light. That's definitely what I did :) 


peace and hair grease. xo Monie



(image credit: sorella boutique)