Purpose - the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Have as one's intention or objective.

As every new year begins we all tend to set these goals for ourselves. A lot of our resolutions are created around our desire to be healthier, cook more and be more mindful of what we eat in general. So why not let the theGIRLMOB help you follow through with some of those goals? We know how overwhelming it can get to create all your meals on Sunday nights, or to keep up with strict diets. Between work, dating, dealing with your mom/dad/cousin, keeping up with your girlfriends and finding time to cuddle up next to your Amazon Prime shows - slip ups in the food department can happen (all is forgiven).

I've noticed that there's this huge craze about açaí bowls (Pinterest proves my observation) and instead of going out to buy one at an expensive spot outside your neighborhood, I thought- give these women a simple recipe to follow that they can make at home! So here we go, grab these items the next time you hit up Trader Joe's (or Pathmark, Fairway etc).

1 açaí packet
1 banana
1/3 cup of coconut water or milk of choice. Gradually adding more depending on the texture you'd like.
Optional: coconut meat

Any fruit you'd like cleaned and sliced.
Coconut shavings.

The thing I enjoy about making my own açaí bowls is that I'm not limited to what I want to add on it; drizzle some honey on top, get some bee pollen (good for immunity) and sprinkle it over, add pineapples or blend in papaya (for enzymes). The possibilities of the bowl life are endless ladies, don't let anyone tie you down to three toppings! There are plenty of places that will make it for you, we're aware - but where's the fun in that? 

OUR purpose is our own to embrace and realize, but we cannot fulfill our purpose on this earth without having a healthy body first (which in turn leads us to feel right mentally and spiritually - right?). So this is what I propose: Let's work on becoming better together even if it's just by adding one homemade açaí bowl to our diets. We know you can do it, and we're here to cheer you on as you try new things in your diet this 2017.

Now it's your turn - take this recipe and make it your own. Take a picture and tag us @thegirlmob so we can see, repost and send you virtual confetti!

bowls of goodness! one for me and one for my bae

bowls of goodness! one for me and one for my bae

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post image: DVF kitchen