Working 40 + hours a week is no joke, especially when the warm weather is competing for your attention with the solid color walls of your cubicle. We all know what it feels like to watch the sun rays glimmer out the office blinds and you sadly, peer past your computer to catch a glimpse.


In a way it makes you feel like you’re a child again, waiting for mama to say you can go outside,  I mean by time 11 AM rolls around, I’m often caught in the break room thinking… “can I just have a break” ... and the answer is yes!

I’ve promised to commit one day of each week to myself. One day that I completely do “me”, meaning I do as I please, when I please. Should I find myself working, I do such at my own leisure. Now due to my work schedule, I’ve made ‘Saturdays’ to be this day. A day specialized for Bri’.

Now, I know some of us work weekends, which is admirable in of itself! So for those who may not be able to dedicate an entire day, I strongly encourage you to carve out some time during a day you see fit to TREAT yourself. Even if it’s as abrupt as 15 minutes… whatever you can fit into your schedule, do it. Please rejuvenate yourself.


Saturdays are for books, tea, and warmth. Saturdays are for rewinding, releasing & rejoicing.

There’s some cute little shops downtown in the city I live in, which I gladly utilize on my day off. Local businesses that just feel homey and provide just enough waves to keep my summer craving satisfied, while keeping my mind functioning. One thing I’ve learned is that it isn’t wise for me to veg completely out… meaning, that even when I’m relaxing I often need some type of stimulation. Whether it’s reading a book or watching a doc series on Netflix, for my temperament it’s essential that I stay ‘plugged in’, otherwise I lose control and comatoze myself into a lackadaisical state for good.


Now to each its own, staying busy when trying to feel un-busy may not be your glass of whiskey.   The beauty of dedicating time to and for yourself, is that it’s centered around you and whatever your needs are (which are subjected to evolve depending the circumstance or time of day).

I’ve noticed that some of my most rejuvenating experiences comes from trying something new. Whether it’s a new diner, bakery, place of worship, park or exhibit, if it’s new it’s liable to jolt my senses. And isn't that what summer is ultimately about? Experiencing euphoria as much as possible, bringing your senses that are often dulled by obligations back to life. It’s why we often talk about ‘vacationing’... because it’s a necessity. Just know you don't need to leave your city/town to be on 'vacation'. Remember: REWIND, RELEASE, REJOICE. 

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