Wassup MOB! We are hot off the heels of TGM DAY 2019 and we are giving you more hot fire by dropping SEASON 2 OF theGIRLMOB podcast! YESSSS! This round we have some new folx on the show, including two awesome co-hosts, Taylor Davis + Mary Vin Rose, as well as some dynamic guests.

This first episode of season 2 is all about POP CULTURE, the good/bad/ugly. This episodes guests are Kozza Babumba, Director of Brand Social at BET Networks and Jordyn Rolling On-Camera Personality for Billboard, BET and NYLive TV. Take a listen, and let us know how you feel by sending us a tweet @thegirlmob

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Yari Blanco @theyariblanco
Taylor Davis @tayxtalk
Mary Vin Rose @maryvinrose


Kozza Babumba @kozza
Jordyn Rolling @jordynrolling

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Yaya Bey