@oldworldnew: Sustainable Living

Addie Fisher is committed to making Sustainable Living easy, accessible, and attainable for everyone.

Addie posts informative IG stories in a fun way reminding us to use our own eco-friendly straws, sharing her organic skincare favorites, organic house cleaning products, and so much more.

She is committed to helping us be more eco-conscious not only through her IG, but also through her upcoming podcast on Alexa Flash Briefings - @sustainableirl and by using the hashtag #sustainablelivingtips to get everyone joined in on easily accessing these pointers. Aside from her Instagram and audio, you can keep up with Addie and her blog posts by visiting her website to stay better informed on how to keep our world healthy!                                                                               

@mikiela.gonzales: Philanthropy

Mikiela is the Founder of @ProChangersJa which is defined as a “group dedicated to bringing awareness not only to our philanthropic efforts but also to that of others” and is dedicated to her social responsibility.

Mikiela takes part in many campaigns, events, and discussions speaking on various topics such as Mental Health Awareness and how to improve the education system in Jamaica.

@iambrandiecarlos: Therapy For All

Brandie is an Advocate for WOC in Tech and founder of @therapyforlatinx. The @therapyforlatinx social platform informs the community with resources, therapists that are active on the account, and motivational posts. Brandie has bridged the gap of the belief that finding a therapist or resources might be difficult or expensive and is committed to making information easily accessible.

@kris_alanna: Making an Impact

Kristin Alanna Wilson was born and raised in The Bahamas. She is passionate about community organizing and inspiring people to embrace their unique form of social impact.

After graduating in 2014 from Florida International University with a BS in Health Services Administration, Kris set out to analyze and evaluate health and economic-related issues that impact everyday lives. Her passion is to influence positive social change. You can keep up with her work her personal website or upcoming podcast on Alexa Flash Briefings titled “Make An Impact”.

@malala: Women’s Rights

If you don’t already know who Malala is, she is a famous political activist for children and Women’s Rights. After being shot in the head for her activism in demanding that girls be allowed to receive an education, she survived and is continuing her campaign for education, equality, and peace.

@emma4change: Gun-Control

After surviving the Parkland, FL shooting she co-founded the gun-control advocacy group Never Again MSD. She helped organize March For Our Lives and continues to make media appearances to speak out against gun-control in America. You can keep up with Emma on Twitter: @emma4change

@chavezbrit: Entrepreneurs

Brittany Chavez is the CEO/Founder of @shoplatinx and through her entrepreneurial experience also took part of @lasjefascrew which aims to empower and educate women entrepreneurs.

Las Jefas Crew use their entrepreneurial experience to serve their community with resources, workshops and experiences that center entrepreneurship in helping others stay informed!

@jodiepatterson: LGBTQI and More

Jodie carries many titles. She serves as the Board Director, for the Human Rights Campaign, Author of The Bold World, sits on the Advisory Board of the Ackerman Institute’s Gender & Family Project, and plays an active role on the board of Community of Unity (a non-for-profit that provides Social Emotional Learning programs for underserved kids in NYC public schools). She is very active in the LGBTQI Community, is an advocate for WOC, and speaks on topics like Black Maternal Health and many more.

Alyssa Jara

is a TGM Contributor from Los Angeles. Find her here