Mahogany L. Browne was born in Oakland, California but has been based in Brooklyn, NY for over 15 years. A strong, Black woman, Browne is unapologetic in her work as a spoken word poet, author, and activist. She uses her personal experience with addiction, racism, sexism, and oppression to inspire her own brand of shameless, authentic work.

Get to know one of her latest projects with Spotify honoring Black Girl Magic below!

Tell us about this playlist and video

The playlist began as an initiative for Spotify's Black History is Happening Now campaign. The first two artists to lead the initiative were Janelle Monae followed by Pharrell. So to walk in the room knowing this was the footsteps we would be following, I was very excited to add a spin to the celebration and exploration of the wonder that is Black Girl Magic.

watch the full video here!

You've done some incredible work as an artist and poet, how does this project compare/differ to the other things you've done?

This was such a fun project to work on. I felt like I could do anything. I was able to dream big and the Spotify production team said "yes" and "awesome" and that's just not the reality for most artists. To have someone fighting for you to be your whole full and spectacularly nuanced self! I loved it.  

What's the story behind naming the video/poem "Rainbow of Armor"

Rainbow of Armor is me paying homage to the title of our project: Reimagining Armor, but also, reaching out to the intergenerational voices, the intersectional womanists, and feminists; the myriad of Black women who I attribute to my understanding of what it means to be becoming. 


This playlist has an array of singers/rappers with different styles, how does that play into the meaning of Black Girl Magic

The idea that there is one way to be a Black woman, or there is one way to be fly or there is one way to be celebrated is a myth. There is no monolithic Black girl. And this is the spirit that we wanted to honor throughout the playlist. I don't just listen to one kind of music. And Black Girls can turn up to most things -- because I mean...We are an entire galaxy of Amen.

When our readers listen to the playlist or watch the film, what do you hope is the feeling that is invoked within them?

I hope they walk away feeling replenished. There is so much in the world that asks us to be everything for everyone with very little time to figure out what we want for ourselves. We are constantly dragged, judged, disregarded and degraded for being alive and loud and this is just the thing a woman warrior needs to remember she’s been worthy.

Sometimes, we just get tired of saying it in our heads. Chanting it to our reflections in mirrors. This experience was meant to be a reboot for the Black girl soul and her many beautiful ways.




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