PRIDE month has been so so so so special so far, and we're just trying to keep the rainbow rolling! In the spirit of what this month has shared with us, we wanted to give you a few of our favorite accounts to follow. These people use their power to highlight the beauty of the Queer community, and for that we're so grateful (deeply grateful). Check them out and find your new IG crush!


Ariana DeBose

Instagram: @arianadebose

Ariana is most known for her fire moves on So You Think You Can Dance, but these days she’s a current Broadway sensation as the lead in Donna Summer. Her dancing is killer and Out Magazine has given her the title of “the queer disco diva of our dreams” as she proudly has it stated in her Insta bio. Seeing short videos of her dancing posted to her Instagram alone make her worth the follow! She also serves us a healthy dose of inspirational quotes. We love a positive account.

Cast of Pose

Instagram: @poseonfx, @indyamoore, @mjrodriguez7, @dominiquet.a.r.jackson, @hailiesahar, @angelicaross

First of all… Have you seen Pose? If you have, no explanation necessary on why they ALL deserve that follow. This show is making EVERY headline with the largest transgender cast to ever act together on screen! THAT'S HUGE! Plus, they’re good at getting us out of our seat as they battle and vogue... and also getting us to sit back down as we hold back tears (the writing is phenomenal). We suggest you keep up with the show and hit that follow button, because supporting this show will open the door for others like it AND there's some truly amazing outfits.

Natalie Morales

Instagram: @nataliemoralesloves

You might recognize her from TV shows like The Middleman or Parks and Recreation. In June of 2017, Natalie revealed herself as queer on Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls” site. She discussed, in a beautifully written essay, that being famous did not sound like a dream and that she would rather get through life unnoticed. But once again, we come across a star who uses her platform to shine some light on what truly matters and we’re definitely about the “follows” on IG when it comes to powerful women with substance! 

Danielle A. Cooper

Instagram: @danielleacooper

Suits on suits! We want Danielle's tailors phone number stat because she looks sharp AF. Danielle runs a super swaggy website called She's a Gent that brings fluidity to fashion. We love our feminine Queer fam, but we also love those who bring the masculine flow effortlessly. Danielle does just that. Wins all around!


Instagram: @kehlani

Pretty sure it’s safe to say most of us already follow Kehlani, but you know, just in case you didn’t know, the talented singer proclaimed her queerness on Twitter 2 months ago and has since then used her platform to be an even more powerful light. And for good measure, we'd like to officially request more music Lani! Thank you!


Instagram: @amberscloset

Amber is a modern day entrepreneur. She's a Youtuber, Actress, Business Consultant, and Activist... and her page shows she's busy! Amber is an amazing Youtuber who often makes videos with her girlfriend, Ava, either indulging in comedy or discussing topics she encounters in her personal life. We also took a look at “Amber’s Closet” and loved this online shop! She has some super cool shirts, mugs and bags labeled “HUMAN AF” with the rainbow motif, and we need em'!

Janelle Monáe

Instagram: @janellemonae

Janelle Monáe is another amazingly talented singer who has used her platform to speak out about being queer and supporting the LGBT+ community. She has often stated, that she wants people to be able to connect through her music in a lot of these ways. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she referred to herself, being a queer Black woman in America, as a “free-ass motherf*cker”. YAS QUEEN. Reason to follow? We're pretty sure you don't need one. 

Carmen Carrera

Instagram: @carmen_carrera

Carmen Carrera is a beautiful model, proud Latina and transgender activist. One of the reasons we love her is because she discussed on her Instagram, how companies in the fitness world did not want to share her story because she's transgender. Eventually she became the face of an Equinox campaign where she declared that “strength has no gender”, and she’s absolutely right.

Lena Waithe

Instagram: @lenawaithe

SO SO MANY reasons to love Lena Waithe. Not only is she super funny and inspirational, but she staaaays on her IG informing us about every topic that concerns us and offering praise to the other icons doing it, too. Plus, did you see that rainbow cape she wore at the Met Gala? No? Well, if you were following her on IG, you would have. You broke the internet with that statement Lena, and we are a zillion percept better for it.

Alexandra Grey

Instagram: @alexandragreyofficial

So, much like Pose, (but on a smaller scale that deserves to be much larger), Alexandra Grey is a part of a leading LGBTQ cast on a new web series called Razor Tongue. She has shared on her Instagram how she once worked as a paralegal and studied pre-law, but since then, became a talented musician and actress. She, too, is finding her platform to share that #transisbeautiful and should definitely be watched out for. Thank you for sharing your voice, girl!

Note: You can also read all about Razor Tongue and contribute to the show at www.noweverartists.com/razortongue

Geena Rocero

Instagram: @geenarocero

Geena Rocero is not only a model and producer, but also the founder of genderproud.com. You can find her on TED Talk speaking about her inspirational journey to becoming the woman she always knew she was. You may also even run into her on the subway or on a bus because she blessed us with a #LoveTravels campaign for Marriott which has been posted around major cities. It brings us so much joy to see the LGBTQ community leading big campaigns! If all that isn’t enough, her outfits are INSANELY cute, too. She’s slaying her gram and deserves your follow!


Instagram: @slaytv

SlayTV is on the come up, and we're glad we're getting in on it early. It describes itself as "an entire station dedicated to curating and developing original and honest content that you want to see. Web-series, movies, shorts, non-scripted, critical, documentaries, music and reality". SlayTV is here to cater to Black LGBT+ folks and we're excited for what they'll bring.

Daniela Vega

Instagram: @dani.vega.h

This Chilena's star is rising and the possibilities are endless. Daniela was the lead on A Fantastic Woman, which won Oscar's... yea, that golden guy. She was also named one of the most influential people by Time Magazine this year, so we know the world is watching. We'll looking forward to seeing where this beautiful Trans woman takes us next. 

Stephanie Beatriz

Instagram: @iamstephbeatz

If you don’t already know Steph from Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Detective Rosa Diaz, well then let us inform you! She hails from Argentina and proclaimed her bisexuality via Twitter in 2016. Yes, she identifies as queer, on AND offscreen. A queer Latina character is a rarity and if her cute selfies aren’t reason enough to follow her on Insta, she’s also very outspoken, not only for the LGBTQ community, but for ending gun violence and for equal women’s rights.  

Mickalene Thomas

Instagram: @mickalenethomas

Mickalane is a Brooklyn based artist that reminds of how powerful Black women are in their element. Her parter, Racquel Chevremont, is her muse and she uses her art as a way to explore things like fashion through multi-layered identities. Don't sleep on this talent.

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Alyssa Jara 


is a TGM Contributor from Los Angeles. Find her here