Arius George

Instagram: @trickshotcop

How are you active in your community and/or hope to inspire change?

I’ve been a police officer for 9 years and I am currently a recruiter for the LAPD. My job consists of interacting with different communities in SoCal to promote our department and hiring. One day, I was at a recreational facility, and people were playing basketball and I made a trick shot in front of them while in uniform. I saw that as an opportunity to create a bridge between law enforcement and the community because basketball is something everyone can enjoy, and I got a positive response.

Francisco Aviles Pino Jr.

Instagram: @gotfran

How are you active in your community and/or hope to inspire change?

I’m an undocumented Queer writer from Alcapulco Guerrero currently living in Occupied Tongva Territory. I’ve worked in schools and with community organizations in the city of Anaheim, CA for over five years and I'm currently a research fellow with UCLA’s department of Chicana Studies with the Million Dollar Hoods Project where I study the impact of mass incarceration in our communities. I am passionate about empowering and supporting men and boys of color given the particular society we’ve inherited.


Instagram: @t_challa512

How are you active in your community and/or hope to inspire change?

James Charles Morrison chose me and [another model] N’dea to represent these T-shirts to convey the message of Black unity and protecting our Black sisters as they do the same for us. With the United States in shambles, being in a state of division and exile, we can rely only on each other to protect us the way we need to be protected.

DSE Detroit

Instagram: @dsedetroit / @jamescharlesmorris

DSE Detroit is a clothing brand founded by James Charles Morris that carries T-shirts with empowering statements written across them such as “DARKER SKIN EMBRACE”, “PROTECT HER.”, “LOVE HER.”, and “RESPECT HER.”

Jahmal Cole

Instagram: @formyblock


Jahmal Cole created the “MY BLOCK, MY HOOD, MY CITY” concept and website which provides youth with new experiences, exposing them to possibilities beyond their own communities, as stated on the website. MBMHMC’s mission is to help teenagers overcome the poverty and isolation they face, boosting educational attainment and opening them to opportunities that make a difference in their lives. The website includes past explorations and pictures to view, along with MBMHMC merchandise to buy, and an option to help donate. We salute you Jahmal, for making a difference!

The Lives Of Men

Instagram: @thelivesofmen

Bio: The Lives of Men (TLoM) is an integrated media and lifestyle brand chronicling the unique stories and diverse interests of men of color.

Founded by Jason Rosario - TLoM takes part in discussions and events that cover mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being in the lives of men.

Brothers & Briefcases

Instagram: @brothersandbriefcases

Bio: Changing the way Black Men are viewed one panel at a time!

Brothers & Briefcases is an organization held that takes part in different panels to empower Black Male entrepreneurship.

Mikey Cordero

Instagram: @conscioushustler

Bio: Creative agitator working through @DefendPR (highlighting & celebrating Boricua creativty, resilience and resistance) @SOW.NYC (a talent agency for underrepresented youth) @MakossaCookout (NY and LA day party building community).

Martellus Bennett

Instagram: @martellusb

Bio: Father, Husband, Creative Director of The Imagination Agency and former NFL player.

Phil Wang

Instagram: @wangpix

Bio: Comedian from London! 

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Alyssa Jara 


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