We all have them. You know, that one guy on instagram you love to follow. He's got a few things going on... and no we don't just mean his looks. He's funny, smart, enlightened... and we'd like to think that he's all these things in person too. Whether it's a guy we know personally or a guy we support via the interwebs, here is TGM's list of guys to follow on the gram. Show them love MOB, we're sure they'd appreciate the support. 


Who is documenting the culture like Devin Allen is? From collecting cameras for the youth in his Baltimore community to getting a cosign from Oprah to having his photos in museums and magazines all over the country. When we get old and look back at this time period his work and voice will be all over our history books.


@Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins

The face of Complex's digital scene. Brandon's video segments and artist interviews are not only hilarious as hell but extremely educational. In a time period of "click bait" content, his work is refreshing and should be seen as the highest standard of video journalism. 


@Kountry Wayne

You might have seen his videos floating around on tumblr, which would have you dying laughing... but seeing him dancing carefree af will be what hooks you in. After you scroll through his page and see the rest of his hilarious videos, we're sure you'll say "ok. I gotta follow this dude." And you wont regret it one bit.


@Steve Jackson

Because....major travel envy. He's a great photographer and not bad to look at either (LOL!), but he's ALWAYS traveling somewhere, so we live vicariously through his photos and videos. You're welcome MOB.


@Carl Joseph Black

Two words: Financial literacy. With his #MoneyMail emails he supplies you with all the hidden gems on how to get your finances right, where and how to invest, and of course the best ways to save your coins. Plus he's our bae Tracy G's bae - so it's just a love fest over here.


@Joe Holder

Following Joe makes us want to get our sh*t together and hit the gym! It's awesome to see a MOC making a positive impact in the realm of fitness with his clientele and brand partnership with Nike. Not to mention, he has great taste in music :)



Cirino is a jack of many trades who excels at each. We first discovered him through social media as he would frequently tweet about things we could relate to. Things like relationships, finding inspiration and hip-hop. Cirino also makes music with another Brooklyn based artist who goes by TCVVX. The most obvious of his trades is photography, he has an eye for symmetry. His timeline is full of absolute gems and his simple and deft approach to speaking his mind has helped him amass a 22K following on Twitter and we hope it continues to grow because he shares such an important message about and to men of color: that is is healthy to be open, emotional and vulnerable. 



Smitty is a graphic designer with an amazing aesthetic (@brunchbounce, hoops showdown & his own clothing line), he's funny on Twitter (@sazonsmitty) and an overall SUPER dope dude. We like him. You'll like him too.



Here's Josh... he's filmmaker, BOMB ass chef, woke as fuck, he's always uplifting black men and he's absolutely a lover of women of color. One scroll through his page and you'll wonder why you haven't already asked him to take your portrait.


@Rob aka Bobby

Where are our New York MOB ladies at? Here's your guy. Bronx bred, Rob is an amazing musical artist... you can catch him at SOBs lighting up the stage. Also, let's get behind good artists so we don't have to listen to the same song over and over forever (you know what we're talking about).



Jonathan is a Brooklyn college alum, photographer, journalist and cinephile! He has a dope photo series on his page (free of charge) called #thisismyNYC where he shows the reallllll New York... you know, the one with the subway fashions, hot dog vendors and bright lights. TGM approved.


@Raul Alejandro

Were you searching for a Colombiano to crush on? Here you go. He's hilarious, a guy about family, and did we mention ridiculously talented with a pen? (or with a pencil, or with a computer). He's created your boyfriends favorite Nike soccer jersey, you probably bought his cards at Hallmark oh and if you ever saw a commercial on BET that caught your eye - it was his doing. Yea, Raul is it.

@Keenan Beasley

We don't know much about him except that he's probably got a very big closet. The guy has style for days and if we could just borrow a fewww things from him we'd be all set for Fall/Winter 2017.

@Ezekiel Azonwu

Super spiritual and inspiring, Ezekiel is full of gems. He's a poet and a family man. Always showing off his babies (see above photo of his adorable son!) there's a lot of cuteness on his gram. We're rooting for his success as he spreads the word of God (and other things) on tour.


One of the funniest guys the world has birthed, Kozza is more than just funny captions on instagram. He's smart (Brown Alumni), he's a talented musician (half of andthemethod) and a really awesome friend - ask around, they'll confirm. Also, he's got all sorts of photos with famous people on his page, so you can feel that much closer to Cardi B.


@Arturo Torres

From Dallas Texas, this illustrator speaks our language: a visual storyteller of hip hop and sports... check out his NY Times best selling book The Rap Yearbook - we think coffee tables around the world need one of these as a companion. Thanks Arturo.

Liked our list? We HOPE so! Tell us who your favorite guys to follow are!

We're sure there's many others for us to discover.