Transition is inevitable.

“Let the dead bury the dead”.  The motto for the weeks to come as we leave any thoughts from 2016 behind; garland is being hung and resolutions are being made. May we not forsake an imperative truth: “new year, new me” means there must be some death for without such there is no resurrection.  Now you must ask yourself (and be truthful when answering) what is it within your life that can stand to die? What old habits should you lay down to rest come time for this New Year and most importantly are you willing? Will is a major component, for without it not only is it impossible to achieve change but you’re also stifling the universes ability to progressively move within your life. Now, I’m not for one second, saying that the universe needs our participation for it has plans for us already. But I am saying, it wants our participation to fulfill these plans. So again ladies what will it be?

What will you choose to change within this grand time allotted to transition?

A start would be to let go of any past notion of what was; learning to release the past is the only way you can maximize your present, and essentially invite your future into your pathway. Consider it all as being a chain of command, we’ve all heard “what you do today affects your tomorrow”. Well how often is it that we allow our past to affect our today, tomorrow and further more? As I urge you to rummage through the compartments of your life, I ask that you consider all areas in regards to what could stand to change. A few areas that I’ve found within both my own and the lives of others I love that often are in bondage to the past include: Relationships, Self, and Lifestyles. All universal topics I believe. So below you'll see what I mean:


Relationships: Often times we find ourselves in a place in which transition is beckoning us to come. We find that some relationships that have been strenuous for a while are still in “tacked” as they merely hang on by their last thread and as a result of such, our spirits are forced to continue to dwindle with each toxic interaction. You know, the relationships we allow to deceive us to the point that we’ll make excuses for poor decisions rather than acknowledging the dead weight that has become a great burden. The same dead weight that we allow to have a place of significance due to memories and affiliations that are no longer of value when questioning current allegiance. Loyalty is an attribute that comes along with maturation. For any adult knows that loyalty is hard to come by; meaning it is not freely given. It is essential that as women, we learn to perceive our relationships for their true value. Never overestimate someone’s abilities based off your own expectations, but rather assess every man/woman for who they’ve proven to be, and love all freely with the agape love of God. I once stumbled upon a quote (of which the author remains unknown) that stated this profound truth in such a manner of eloquence. The quote read “But sometimes your light attracts moths, and your warmth parasites. Protect your space and energy”. Not only do I ask that you allow this truth to embed its way into your heart; but that you also take caution when dealing with “friends” and those of significance. Please learn to protect your “space” from which such a capacity generates your livelihood.


Self:  It is of great importance that you allow yourself the opportunity to evolve. Make way for the “New you” to emerge, that woman of statue, beauty, and purpose; the woman God has pre-designed.  “Talitha Cumi” which translate “little girl, I say to you get up”- Mark 5:41. Arise ladies, “get up” and continue to move forward. Just as you wouldn’t consider yourself the same young girl you were during adolescence. Please take heart in the fact that you do not have to oblige today to who you were yesterday; so how much more in regards to who you were a year ago?


Lifestyle: Life is fluid, meaning our life-styles should follow as the same. Now we all know the ways in which materialistic values are subjected to change, however we give our last to sustain the familiarity of it all. May you never be attached to what you’ve accumulated, and what is familiar that you cannot transition when its time. Consider the story of Lot’s wife, should you become a pillar of salt because you were too grounded in “what was” and as a result miss the latter greater?

Always pride your present state, and even more, the glory in which the universe has set before you enough to choose life abundantly. When focusing on your growth and relinquishing your past, you’re ultimately selecting the good life; may such always be yours. Here's to you taking a deep dive into self as we take on the rest of 2017 and grow from month to month. 

-Bri'on Whiteside

Bri'on is a TGM contributor out of Ohio. 

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image by: bridge & burn