*Looks up... Sees June, July and August have blurred with the rest of 2016*

Wowzers! those months really just snuck right past us... or was it just me?! Regardless when I look back at those three months I see small building blocks that were laid out brick by brick for a stronger foundation for this brand. Along with my team, I was able to rebrand and relaunch this site while keeping its core message and idea in tact. Same vibe different look ;) And to top off the summer re-birth we had our first pop up space at AFROPUNK 2016!!!!!!!! Talk about a win for the brand, the team, and me.

Let me tell ya'll something. I have learned so much about myself in the past three months. And I'm not sure if it's noticeable, but I've been putting in WORK for all of you. From learning enough photoshop from my S.O. to be able to make those pretty social posts, to allowing myself to be a leader with my team while giving them the opportunity to lead in their own way. And being at AFROPUNK really took it to a whole different level for me, it gave me all of the validation a young entrepreneur needs to remind them that what they're doing is needed.

I've been doing events for other companies for 10 years. But this was my first event. As in paying out my pocket event. Which is a whole different level of responsibility and pressure. It's something serious when you're funding your dreams. I'm soooo grateful for the girls on my team for helping this be a success. There was Chardae who brought the whole vision to life, Sasha who made a big bag full of paper flowers for our DIY wall, Gynai who ran around in blistering heat with me holding two heavy directors chairs... sigh lol. From talking to girls in the booth, taking photos, handling social, editing videos and so much more... Kimber, Monie, Misch, Frankie, Dee and my special guests Natasha and bae - thank you! This happened because you chose to help and believe.

The women of AFROPUNK... man...  I mean we had every shape, height, color, smile and style in our booth. It made me feel all the feels to see so many dope women come thru and say they loved what we were doing. The GOOD VIBE cards were a hit - and to me that was the most important thing. That card represents who we are: a collective of women who want to spread love and unity - after all, this website is for a digital sisterhood. You should have seen the messages women were leaving for each other! In fact here's one:

The energy at AFROPUNK is unmatched. This was my first time there and it's what I imagine Woodstock was back in the 60s - with a lot more vibrant colors. Everyone was welcoming and loving and free spirited... that presence really set the tone for the weekend and it made me walk away with my love tank full to the top!

I hope that if you came by our booth you felt that same energy when you spoke to one of us. I hope you felt welcomed, adored, and beautiful. I hope that you join us in our journey as we continue to grow this digital sisterhood and make it something special (like seeing a shooting star when you most need a wish). And I hope to see you next year at AFROPUNK 2017. For now I leave you with this video created by our soon to be Film School Grad - Gynai:

peace & light

yari b