We're baaack with the audio gems to lace the rest of your summer soundtrack. I was on the hunt, and I think you all will really enjoy this week's addition to the vibes. Queen of Tell it Like it Is, fire Brooklynite emcee Junglepussy, is featured on this week's drop alongside some international ladies. I'm also hooking you up with Sampa The Great- who is a poet, songwriter and visual artist. She bears her soul in all the work that she does. Her perspective is important, with her roots based in Africa while residing out of Sydney, Australia. Our sister within the diaspora; I chose her song “2 4” for you to listen to.

Ruby Francis, a lady friend hailing from London town surely got me in my feelings as I listened to “Paranoid” - putting myself in her predicament singing the tale of evil green jealousy beautifully. Just a PSA- this may be a little problematic but.... don't flame me for putting Azealia Banks in this collection yall. I know she's said a lot of things that we all may have side eyed but let's be real, her music is still innovative, fresh and she possesses a style all of her own. So let's not focus on her name and instead pay attention to the music!

Let this volume of Sunshine Vibes Vol. 2 open your eyes to new sounds, tastes and all of the international feels these tracks have to offer! Enjoy :)