a woman on her grind continually encounters challenges and new experiences as she goes through her daily life. these challenges will some times involve her struggles or successes at making the coins, the presence - or lack - of romance and the intricacies of lusting over things... whether they're a vacation, a new job or that fine ass man she sees on the train in the mornings on her way to work

i put together this playlist featuring female artists on the rise who serve as narrators to the common, and more often than not - complex female experience. sounds that come from all over the world and yet still have the ability to resonate with the past and present experiences of the sisterhood collective that we all carry within us as females

this playlist, or rather these artists, serve as representatives of our tenacity, our stellar femininity and the beauty of having layers. because us women, we got all sorts of layers... mixing slow jams with miss independent trap anthems, the collection is perfect for nights out on the town with your squad, or some much needed solo R&R on a friday night


enjoy the sounds & vibe out

until next time,

s. brown