by: raeven western, your dream pusher

whether you're a mother (raises hand), lover, girl friend, daughter, employee, or entrepreneur looking to refocus on your goals/dreams, i'm sure you know how easy it can be to lose sight of creating new habits for your well being. as 2015 ended, i found myself eager, grateful and ready to put what I had learned into action. i had been extending myself emotionally, physically and spiritually and all of this taught me it was time for significant changes to be made


i declared 2016 the year of being selfish with myself! which got me thinking about what new habits i needed to create. often when we want a change, it ends up being something that we wish for rather than something we purposely work on. we don't take the time to identify ways to invest in ourselves which lead us to our true happiness

the most important investments are the one's we deposit back into ourselves which will amount to more than anything we buy or receive. If we want to achieve our goals and dreams, we need to adjust our mindset, take care of our well being, fill ourselves with love and make time to build our dreams. those are the real banks that we should be paying attention to and making frequent deposits into, because when we do, we live life truly honoring ourselves and can better support those around us 

a choice is probably the greatest thing we have and if we aren't happy with our choices, our clarity and mindset will reflect that tremendously...and because GGNYC cares about you! we wanted to give you 

5 ways to invest in yourself

1. create a morning routine that gives you personal time to align your mindset, reflect on your wants, energy and soul for the day. for me, waking up before my daughter does to read the bible, pray, go over my goals and review my calendar while creating a to do list is key

2. write out your dreams and plans then leave them where you will see them daily and actually read daily! i'm a huge advocate for this, i have a mini journal that i carry around everywhere with me and read often. i also include quotes that resonate with me, favorite scriptures I want to be mindful of and an outline of each goal to help me stay on track. this is your place to get clear about what you want for yourself, your happiness and future. remember: your dreams have no limit, nor should you

3. turn the TV off. reading books or listening to a podcast from the self-help, finance and entrepreneur sections not only aim to inspire and encourage your mindset, but also help you to learn new perspectives on life and better implement new choices 

4. pay attention to your emotions and journal them to better understand what you are going through and why you might be holding on to anything that's blocking your progress. our emotions are clear indicators of the adjustments we need to make to help us let go and move on. We tend to hold on to beliefs, ideas and people that add more weight to our journeys than add value. remember: carrying the weight of a burden doesn't make you stronger it only hurts your growth

5. believe in yourself. do things that inspire you and your belief in yourself. the more we take time to honor the experiences we want to create from our hearts and practice trusting our instincts, the easier it becomes to make choices that reflect our well being that don't come from a place of stress, fear or insecurities 

making time to invest in yourself is important. so choose the one thing that resonates with you most and make no excuse to implement it. i think getting in touch with our well being is the start to a healthy and meaningful relationship with ourselves. so be a little selfish and choose you!

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