We know that money is burning a hole through your pocket so we wanted to give you BETTER options of where you can spend it! Instead of dropping $60 at Victoria's Secret (one of the companies that uses prison labor) drop that $$ on a fellow brown girls business.

Below are some of the favorites from the ladies of TGM:

TGM Member: Misch

PeaceImages Jewelry

Why I love it: She has some amazing Egyptian/Afro centric inspired statement pieces. I am forever getting compliments when I wear any of her jewelry.

TGM Member: Chardae


instagram: TheVintageVogue

Why I love it: “The Vintage Vogue is owned by Charlotte. She is a black woman creative that started out in the architecture field and longed to get back to making things. I admire her story because I can relate to being stuck behind a desk doing the necessary technical aspects of the design industry and longing to get back to the hands on, story telling side of design. I love that her work is beautifully simplistic and that she has made herself visible in an industry so inundated with makers, that it can often times be suffocating for women of color to gain recognition. Charlottes work is gorgeous and I look forward to watching her brand continue to grow.”


Why I love it: Zetland855 is owned by me! This company began out of a love for collecting textiles while traveling and a desire to see fabrics more reflective of my heritage within the interior space. Zetland855 merges classic prints and patterns with menswear inspired fabrics to create timeless pieces that help tell a unique story within the home. I have expanded my collection beyond the home, and also create wearable accessories.

TGM Member: Frankie

Deniss Mejia

Why I love her: Def want to give a shout out to Deniss Mejia, my brow lady who works so hard and has built herself an empire and a loyal list of clients through her dedication and by always being so passionate about keeping our eyebrows looking spectacular. (I'm also biased as hell because she's been doing my brows For 3 years lol).

Flower Power

Why I love it: A small apothecary type spot that sells herbs, roots, balms, essential oils, super yummy smelling bath salts and fun things like dried roses for the bath!

TGM Member: Dee

Menogu Designs

Why I love it: What I admire from the company is the organic growth I've seen from the owner (Uchechi) since I first met her in college. Her talent continues to develop and expand over time and I'm excited to see what the future holds for her and her African –inspired apparel.

TGM Member: Yari


Why I love it: The designer left her corporate job to pursue her dreams! Her pieces are beautiful, delicate and versatile.

Base Butter

Why I love it: I met the founder and she was so passionate about her product, which is a vegan multi-purpose cream. She let me use some and I fell in love with it. It really does feel like butter!

The Wrap Life

Why I love it: I haven't shopped here (honest moment) - but I ADORE all their patterns and when I'm ready to get a wrap, I'll be getting it from here.

Rachel Stewart Jewelry

Why I love it: Need a statement piece that gets people at that networking event to talk to you before you even try to utter your name? She's got THAT on the site.

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We're excited for your purchase already.

(image cred: Vogue - featuring designer Malyia)