Hey y'all. So as we all know this country has been going through a major shift, that burst from the seams this past week. Trump is our prospective POTUS (let that sink in, it still hasn't for the TGM team). That sentence alone still gives me chills. However, I can at least say that amongst the peers in my community it has awakened us and kicked off a very important conversation in regards to our revolution as millennials... because if not us, then who? The question remains, what will we do as a group to participate and be present in the outcome of things that affect our daily lives as global citizens. I hope that you all in turn have had a similar experience, and if you haven't please follow us on our social platforms as we continue to enlighten you and provide you with hope. But really, my best advice at this precise moment is:

Don't be afraid of the dialogue. 

This weeks outcry embodies the exact emotional roller coaster that I was on from the time that I heard about the electoral vote winner... to when we as a team (TGM) met for our monthly pow wow.

Making this playlist felt like a whirlwind, but I hope that y'all enjoy it! I'm still keeping it laced with that heat. There's appearances by Noname, and Harlem's own Dave East (insert heart eye emoji) lol - kidding, not kidding. BIG K.R.I.T. made a powerful opening aura for the playlist and I got that new Childish Gambino on there as well. Ultimately it's getting everyone in formation. I wanted to provide y'all with some healing, even if its only through some (powerful) songs. We all deserve a break from the trauma that was put on us by last weeks event. 

Get your mind right and be kind to your fellow human.

Peace and Hair Grease.

xo Monie

photo cred: @pocaesthx