Hey lovelies ! Hope you all have been been doing well.  As the past two weeks have been going by, I find myself craving more and more to stay inside. I've been really lowkey, not going out; chilling at home in the cut you know, that sort of thing. So in my time of solitude I mixed up this playlist for y'all to vibe out to. I'm excited to say that I have some Pro Era on here, Joey Bada$$ just dropped his lusty new single “Front & Center” and his homie Cj Fly is repping the same motive on his song “Deposition”. 

I am currently obsessed with Solange's album A Seat At The Table (read my Ode to
Solo here) so y'all know that as soon as I heard Kaytranada's remix of “Cranes In the Sky” I lost my mind. I was bumping it all through the house on the surround sound. Being hella extra, not a care in the world. That song takes me to a place that none other has in a really long time. So long story short, I got it poppin! 

Mila J, is bringing some new waves to classic old school on her song “Kickin Back” and oooh can we get into that PARTYNEXTDOOR record?!  I must admit that I hadn't kept up with all of his latest work just the obvious more popular songs. “Some of Your Love” makes me feel like I'm back in the summer again, it sounds extra fly speeding down the highway with the windows rolled down ever so slightly so the breeze can come in. Nostalgia at its finest. 

Hope you all enjoy this playlist as much as I do, see you in November :)  

Peace and Hair Grease

xo Monie

(image credit: nasty gal)